Advocate Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily find those people who post online that they love or dislike your brand? You could then show them that you care and create a great love-in. Better still, wouldn’t it be great if you could find the people who dislike your competitors!

Advocate marketing is one of the hottest new tools in brand marketing and is easily demonstrating it can deliver great results.

Essencient’s awesome NLP can give you exactly that. It clears away the noise to accurately identify those people who are passionately engaged in either a positive or negative way with a brand.

Try it out below with live social media insights on some sportswear brands.  Select a brand to find the advocates. Adjust the slider to find the really passionate ones. You can even select them and click the button if you want to show them the love!

The data above is live and unfiltered by humans. It’s produced from a simple query sent to the Twitter Public API searching for just the brand names. The data is then processed by Essencient’s NLP to create the lists above. This means that it won’t be perfect, but try doing the same, simple search in Twitter and see how much extra noise you get. Imagine having to wade through that just to get close to what’s above!