Automatic Curation

Essencient’s awesome NLP technology not only accurately analyzes unstructured text, but then processes this data to make a human-like assessment of whether or not something important is being said about a topic. It delivers this back by way of an importance score for each topic identified in the content.  If you are looking to find content to add to your social wall or web site, you simply tell it what to read and it will find you the content you want.

For example, a site that wants to aggregate human-generated content such as blogs can use Essencient to automatically read large amounts of  content, and provide topic importance scores which can then be used to automatically curate content. This drastically increases speed and the volume of quality content and reduces human curation costs. 

If you need increased domain knowledge in a particular area, then its universe can be tailored to specific entities such as brands, people, places, etc., or specialist words.

We scraped the beauty blog below and analyzed the text. Alongside it are the topics our NLP importance engine identified.

blog example1

Posted on November 21, 2016
Kristen and I met way back in middle school! We have been keeping in touch ever since. A while back she started a podcast called Marvelous Moms Club, which I love listening to. She interviews women who have fun, inspiring or interesting stories that intertwine with motherhood. I have a weakness for true crime podcasts to having her episodes pop up on my feed is always a breath of fresh happy air! I was so honored to be featured on this weeks episodes! If you’re interested in hearing (there’s two parts one that aired today and one that will air on Wednesday) Here is the link. Hope it’s worth listening to! We decided we might as well round everything out with a little makeup time for her as well so I got the chance to paint on her beautiful face! I added some Tomas tanner to her face because I noticed that her chest was pretty tan and I wanted to match everything up nicely. I always love the way warm olive skin looks against dark brown eyes – such a beautiful combo! She already has gorgeous full brows so I didn’t do much there, just gave them a little more structure and shape and brought them a bit closer together. I like to do that because it brings the attention to the eyes and avoids drawing attention to the forehead. I HACed withIIID Foundation in amber + ash + a little bit of moonlight right under the eyes. I cannot get over her cheekbones and LOVE how much they stand out with a some extra contour. I used a little bit of pink grapefruit blush. Her eyes called for a little brown blended smokey eye. I used Oak (on the lid and lower lashes) + Trust (in the crease) + salem (to deepen the crease and lashline) and I used Esqido False Lashes in A Lash Name Desire Lips I used Lipsense in Nude + Apple Cider (one of my favorite combos!) Isn’t she just so beautiful!?

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Hot Topics
Topic “Lipsense”: importance score is 59
Topic “Brows”: importance score is 59
Topic “Skin”: importance score is 59
Topic “Cheekbones”: importance score is 59

Topics Mentioned With Medium Importance

Topic “Esqido”: importance score is 39
Topic “eye”: importance score is 29
Topic “lash name desire lip”: importance score is 29
Topic “drawing attention”: importance score is 29
Topic “forehead”: importance score is 29

Topics Mentioned With Some Importance

Topic “Kristen”: importance score is 19

Topics Mentioned

Topic “Tomas”: importance score is 0
Topic “tanner”: importance score is 0
Topic “blush”: importance score is 0
Topic “Oak”: importance score is 0
Topic “Trust”: importance score is 0
Topic “salem”: importance score is 0
Topic “Oak”: importance score is 0
Topic “Nude”: importance score is 0
Topic “Apple Cider”: importance score is 0