Customer Engagement

Social media represents a gold mine of new and existing customer opportunities, and yet Bain & Co found only 3% of posts are targeted at a brand using the @ symbol. When this is combined with up to 95% of social media surrounding a brand being useless noise, it’s not surprising that nearly 90% of marketing leaders have not been able to quantify a return from social media marketing.

Essencient’s awesome NLP clears away the noise and then uses its unique set of linguistic signals to help identify new customer engagement opportunities such as sales leads or support cases.

Try it out below with a selection of live social media insights on some sportswear brands.  Select a brand to find the sales leads or support cases direct from Twitter. Adjust the slider to find the really engaged people.

Remember, Essencient is a computer that is trying to act like a human and like a human it is not infallible. You may find posts in either category that should really be in the other as we humans have a habit of misusing words, particularly on social media. The key is that Essencient’s awesome NLP finds the good stuff in the whole social media haystack and leaves the noise behind so humans can make the final judgement with a lot less effort….the result is more leads, better served customers and happier staff who don’t have the depressing task of searching the haystack!