US Presidential Elections 2016

Explanation of how to use this dashboard.

  • Adjust the signal strength slider to eliminate noise based on the Essencient Noise Floor importance score (read more about NoiseFloor here). See the difference eliminating the noise makes to the result when it’s set low and and when it’s set high. Could this be the nemesis of artificial, bot-created posts?
  • You can also change the date range and the intent filter to look at other intents in the data beyond intent to support. Changing the sentiment filter just excludes neutral sentiment (maybe not the droids you are looking for.)
  • The candidate switch changes the filter in the list to show posts identified to either candidate. This is NLP, so it’s not always logical to a worldly-wise human, so cut it some slack if you see posts that you think shouldn’t be there.
  • You can also click the columns in the table to sort by that column. Find out what the authors with the most followers are saying!

Note: Based on non-geocoded data extracted from Twitter Public API. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter Inc.