The Essencient US Pro Basketball View From The Crowd is one part of the world’s first computerised pundit those expertise is literally sourced from the crowd. Its clever technology listens to Twitter for all mentions of teams, managers and players and then uses sophisticated AI to find the important tweets that are saying something meaningful. The results are real and valuable insights into what the crowd are saying.

How to use this dashboard.

  • Select the team or teams you want to see insight on. This will load the player/manager drop down with the names of those people mentioned in the current tweets relevant to those teams. You can use this to filter the information just down to an individual player or players.
  • The graphs show you how the crowd feels about your team, manager or players, what they intend to do and the top 10 issues they are talking about.
  • Adjust the intent and sentiment filters to highlight who is expressing opinions or asking questions, as well as the positive and negative comments.
  • Adjust the Engagement Threshold slider to filter the tweets based on how engaged the Twitterer is with the team or teams selected. Want the passionate fans? Then set it higher and you should get those who are super-engaged.
  • Want to find just those seeking advice, giving advice or both on the team selected? Then use the advocacy drop down. If you like what the Twitterer is saying, then you can follow them. They might follow you back.
  • You can also change the date range to review specific periods. Useful just before a game if you fancy a flutter.
  • You can also click the columns in the table to sort by that column. Find out what the authors with the most followers are saying!
  • Want to talk to a Twitterer? Select the post and click engage, and the post on their page in Twitter will open to that post.
  • We will get our defence in early. Essencient uses advanced AI to determine if and what someone is saying is meaningful with regards to a team, player or manager and like humans it’s not infallible. You may see posts that you do agree meet the set criteria but like views on the great game itself if we all agreed it would be boring!

Note: Based on data extracted from the Twitter API. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter Inc.